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Mattahunt School

Project Role General Contractor and roofer
100 Hebron Street, 
MA 02126
Project size

Year completed
Roof System
Contract value $8,500,000


Reliable roofing & sheet metal was awarded this project as general contractor & roofer.

General Contracting role

This project was a complete exterior envelope reconstruction of a 1970’s era single wall exterior insulated panel wall structure. The new work included phased removal of the old exterior system and replacement with new dual wall construction separating the interior from the exterior along with the installation of 11,000 sf curtain walls, 23,000 sf of pressure equalized rain screen, storefront installation and masonry resulting in a complete rebuild of the façade with related interior finish work as related to the exterior construction including walls, Acoustical ceilings, flooring .

The project was scheduled to be completed over continuous 15 month duration with a 3 month winter shut down:  all while the facility remained fully occupied and functional. This required a complex and well coordinated phase/move/build plan carefully integrated into the school’s academic calendar and a high degree of communication between the construction team and the school administration.  To accomplish this, the facility was split into 2 overall phases of work with multiple subphases impacting typically no more than 4 classrooms at a time. Lead times for products, particularly the curtain walls and Panel system determined that the major deconstruction and reframing activities for the first phase was to occur over the summer with installation of the finishes commencing late fall once material was available and work completed prior to the onset of winter. The Second phase commenced the following spring with completion on schedule and budget. 

Key to the success of this project was the close communication and teamwork of all parties and the willingness to be flexible to address and resolve the sometimes competing concerns for time, space, storage, noise, academic testing requirements etc:  from the City’s Project Management, the School Administration and the various contractors. 


The roofing element of this project included a phased tear off and rebuild of the roofing system.  Initally, tear off was limited to a 4ft perimeter inside the parapet walls to facilitate the exterior wall work  with completion to occur the second summer. This sequence was also revised to allow complete removal and replacement a year earlier than scheduled  thereby both advancing the work and reducing the ongoing adverse effects to the buildings occupants. Night seals were maintained and final flashing were installed as the overall exterior work advanced. The new roofing system is a ballasted a 4 ply built up system on tapered insulation.